23 de janeiro de 2008

Some things we can do to help kids!

Encontrei, o que se segue, no Kindergarten Kids !Adoro o blog porque, para além de não ser português, gosto da forma como aborda a educação. Sem palhaçadas...

1. Be sure that your child is in school unless it is essential to be gone! About the only reason to be gone is for illness.

2. Help your child to stay healthy! BE SURE THAT THEY ARE GETTING THE REST THEY NEED! Remember that a child 5 to 6 years old needs between 11 and 13 hours of rest a day!! That means that 7:30 is probably a good bedtime!

3. Help your child remember things for school like library books, (Tuesdays) show and tell, (Fridays), and appropriate clothing for the winter season. They need hats, mittens and heavy outer clothing every day!! They also may need to dress in layers for the classroom. Most days the classroom is too chilly for a short-sleeved t-shirt alone.

4. Talk to your child about what he/she has been doing, DAILY! Children need to know that it is important to you what they are learning and how they are behaving.

5. Read them atleast one story a day! Then talk to then a lot!!! They need to hear you and learn new vocabulary from you daily. They need to know what is important to you and why. They need to hear about when you were 5 or 6 and what you were doing.

6. Expose them to other important people in your life. Children can learn so much from grandparents and great grands!

7. Enjoy your child and this special stage in his/her life! You will never again have this wonderful, creative, open little person to share with in this special way. Love your child and help them to feel that love! When they really feel loved, they are more open to learning, sharing and growing.

Mrs. Bruno

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